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How Leaderboard Works in REsimpli

By Sharad Mehta
11th Mar, 2023

How Leaderboard Works in REsimpli

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Navigate to the leaderboard: Go to the “Data” section of REsimpli and click on “Leaderboard.”
  2. View team members and their tasks: Once you are on the leaderboard, you will see a list of all team members in your account, along with their open tasks, open leads, and unreplied messages.
  3. Check the dashboard for individual stats: The leaderboard dashboard shows each team member’s number of tasks due, open leads, and unreplied messages.
  4. Sort the data: You can sort the data based on any of the available columns, such as tasks, leads, or messages.
  5. View revenue and other statistics: For each team member, you can view their assigned revenue, deals, contracts, offers, and appointments. Click on any of these numbers to see more details.
  6. Compare calls and SMS data: The leaderboard also displays the number of calls and SMS sent by each team member, their average call duration, and total call duration.
  7. Customize the view: You can hide or show specific columns in the leaderboard, such as revenue and average revenue, by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.
  8. Filter the data: Apply filters to view data for specific roles, markets, or time periods by clicking on the filter icon and selecting your desired options.
  9. Update the data: The leaderboard data will automatically update based on any filters or customizations applied.
  10. Contact support: If you have any questions or need assistance, click on the “Contact Us” button to access email, phone, or live chat options.
  11. Schedule an onboarding call: If you need additional help, click the “Book Onboarding Call” button to schedule a call with a REsimpli team member.