The Guide to Google Local Service Ads for Realtors
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Google Local Service Ads for Realtors: Everything You Need to Know

Google Local Service Ads for Realtors: Everything You Need to Know

Google Local Service Ads for Realtors: Everything You Need to Know

In the digital age ruled by e-commerce and worldwide connectivity, a strong online presence for realtors is more than just an advantage; it’s an absolute necessity. The real estate industry, like many others, has moved significantly online, with the vast majority of potential buyers and sellers increasingly turning to the Internet to begin their real estate searches. This universal shift underscores the importance for realtors to establish a strong digital footprint to reach and engage with their target audience effectively. Enter Google Local Service Ads for Realtors (LSAs), a game-changing platform for professionals in the property industry. 

Google Local Service Ads for real estate provide a unique opportunity for professionals such as agents, investors, and wholesalers to connect with local clients rather than spreading the word as far and wide as possible. Unlike traditional Google Ads for real estate, LSAs are designed specifically to showcase the offerings of local service providers, including realtors, allowing them to appear at the top of Google search results for the people in their area. This increasingly popular platform not only enhances visibility but also builds credibility, with every business that gets an LSA vetted through the Google Screened Ads program. 

These qualities have made Google Local Service Ads for realtors an invaluable tool within the property market, becoming one of the most effective ways that people can generate leads and establish a commanding online presence. We’ve put together this blog to delve deeper into exactly what Google LSAs are, how to properly set up your profile through the vetting system, and the best ways to use the platform. 

What is Google LSA Marketing

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) are a unique branch of typical Google Ads, representing a targeted advertising approach specifically designed for local service providers. With their local focus, they can be particularly useful for realtors who do their business regionally. 

While they are classified under the same umbrella, Google LSAs differ significantly from traditional Google Ads in several ways:

Definition and Purpose

The platform for LSAs was designed specifically so sellers and service providers could connect directly with local customers rather than sponsoring general ads on Google that could find their way to the feeds of people all over the country. Leveraging Google Local Service Ads for realtors means that agents can appear at the top of search results when potential clients are looking in their specific area. This links them directly with their target audience searching for real estate services.

Difference from Traditional Google Ads

Unlike standard sponsored Google Ads, which rely heavily on SEO practices, such as keywords and content structure, and often appear anywhere in search results, LSAs are location-based. This means they can appear at the top of the search page for potential clients searching in the local area. This placement gives realtors prime visibility to the most relevant possible leads. Furthermore, LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead basis, which can offer a more enticing ROI than the pay-per-click model of traditional ads.

Benefits for Realtors

Beyond being a distinct system when compared with traditional Google Ads for real estate agents, Google LSAs come with a number of benefits that make them a more attractive choice for a digital marketing campaign. We’ve listed some of the most profound benefits of leveraging LSAs for the capturing of Google real estate leads.

  • Enhanced Local Visibility: The most obvious benefit of LSAs is that they significantly boost a realtor’s visibility in local search results, ensuring they are one of the first contacts a potential client sees. This is vital in real estate, as the economy that a realtor operates in is generally small and contained. 
  • Increased Trust: Getting accredited as a business through the LSA system is a badge of honor in some ways. Having LSAs up means being part of the Google Screened program, which involves going through rigorous background and license checks, adding a layer of trust for clients.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With a pay-per-lead model rather than the pay-per-click system employed with typical Google Ads, realtors pay only for leads that contact them directly through the ad. This should lead to a better ROI, making the LSA system a more cost-effective form of marketing. 
  • Targeted Leads: Regular Google Ads are at risk of getting lost in the crowd while appearing on search results all over the country. LSAs have the advantage of helping to capture the highest value leads who are actively seeking real estate services in the area, leading to higher conversion rates. 

In summary, these locally focused Google Ads for realtors offer industry professionals a highly targeted, cost-effective, and trustworthy way to connect with local clients and enhance their online marketing strategy.

How to Set Up Google Local Service Ads for Realtors

Setting up Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) is a strategic step that any realtor looking to enhance their online presence and connect with more local clients should make. LSAs not only boost an agent’s local visibility in search results but also serve to build credibility and trust among potential clients. We’ve put together a detailed guide on how to properly set up LSAs for your real estate business, ensuring you can effectively leverage this powerful tool to reach your target audience.

Step By Step Guide: 

Create or Log into Your Google Account: Begin by creating a new Google Account or logging into an existing one with your unique username and a strong password. Google is already a useful platform for emailing, documentation, and spreadsheets, and this account will be your gateway to managing your LSAs.

Access Google Local Services: After setting up or accessing your account, navigate to the Google Local Services Ads website. This is the platform specifically designed for setting up and managing any LSAs you plan on broadcasting.

Select Your Service Category: Google LSAs offer multiple options for specializing your service offerings, ensuring you target the right audience with every ad. During the sign-up process, choose “Realtor” as your service category. This guarantees your ads are properly categorized for potential clients seeking real estate services and don’t end up on the wrong search results.

Complete Business Verification: To qualify for the right to post LSAs, Google will require you to verify the finer details of your business. Provide all necessary details, such as your business name, location, service areas, and hours of operation, making sure everything is double-checked for total accuracy. This step is crucial for ensuring your ads reach the right audience.

Undergo Background Checks: As part of the Google Screened Ads program, you’ll need to pass a rigorous background check to ensure your business is totally above board. If you make it through this process, you not only gain access to LSAs but also add a layer of trust and credibility to your services, helping to reassure potential clients of your professionalism and legitimacy.

Submit License and Insurance Details: To further solidify your legitimacy and make it through the vetting process, provide valid proof of your professional real estate license and insurance. Google requires this crucial information to verify that you fully meet all the necessary industry standards and regulations.

Set Your Advertising Budget: After you’ve made it through all the checks and balances, it’s time to figure out how much you’re going to invest. Do some calculations and decide on a budget for your ads. Remember, LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead basis, which means you’ll be charged only when potential clients contact you directly through your ad, which can mean you get more from what you spend.

Craft Your Ad: Create your advertisement with careful attention to detail and optimize it with local keywords and relevant phrases. If taking a visual route, use high-quality photos of properties you’ve listed or sold and write a compelling, enticing description of your services. Highlight any unique selling points that differentiate your services from those of other realtors.

Review and Optimize Your Ad: Before publishing, take time to carefully review your ad, checking for any errors to rectify or improvements to make. It’s also worth asking any trusted friends or collaborators for their take on its efficacy. Anything you post should accurately reflect your services and appeal to your target demographic.

Manage and Track Your Ad Performance: Once your ad is live, monitor its performance and analytics regularly. Google provides plenty of analytic tools that can track metrics, such as the number of leads generated and impressions made, which can be essential in gauging just how effective your ads are, allowing you to adjust your strategy as needed.

Respond Promptly to Leads: It’s not enough to let the ad sit there and make impressions. Once you start reaching your audience, the real work begins! This means being proactive in quickly responding to any inquiries generated through your LSAs. Timely and professional responses can significantly increase your conversion rates, turning leads into active clients and collaborators.

Seek Client Reviews: Once you’ve successfully provided your services to a range of clients, ask them to spread the word about it. Get in touch to encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on your Google profile. Positive reviews can play a huge part in enhancing your ad’s performance and, ultimately, attracting more leads.

By carefully following these detailed steps, realtors can effectively set up and manage their Google Local Service Ads in the most effective way possible. With the process this easy, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be capitalizing on this powerful tool to enhance your online presence and attract more local clients. Just make sure you’ve crossed the Ts and dotted the Is on all the technical sides of your business to ensure you make it through the verifications and checks.

Best Practices for Realtors Using Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads for real estate, when set up properly, offer a unique opportunity for realtors to connect with potential clients. To effectively leverage the power of LSAs, realtors should employ the best possible practices while being aware of common pitfalls that trip up other professionals. We’ve broken down some core strategies and cautionary tips in detail so you can make the most of your LSAs:

Best Practices for Realtors Using LSAs

Optimize Your LSA Profile:

It’s not enough to simply set up your account; you need to make sure your LSA profile is totally optimized for maximum efficacy. 

This can be achieved through these steps: 

  • Carefully fill out every detail in your profile, from services offered to areas covered, double-checking to make sure that you haven’t left any gaps in your offerings.
  • Use professional, high-resolution images that accurately represent your brand and services, investing in professional equipment or assistance if necessary.
  • Ensure your contact information is accurate and up-to-date. If you upload outdated information, you risk missing out on valuable potential business. 

Actively Gather and Showcase Reviews:

When you do a job well, people must know about it. Not only will reviews optimize your ads in terms of visibility, but they’ll also act as a selling point for potential clients. 

Get a hold of these endorsements by

  • encouraging any satisfied clients that you’ve worked with to leave positive reviews directly on your LSA profile, offering incentives if you feel necessary, and
  • taking the time to actively respond to reviews, both positive and negative, to showcase your level of engagement and commitment to customer service.

Prompt Response to Client Inquiries:

Being fast and on the ball are vital attributes in the real estate industry. If you aren’t quick on the draw when responding to potential clients, you risk business slipping through your fingers. 

Approach responses according to these tips:

  • Aim to respond to any inquiries, big or small, as quickly as possible, as promptness can be a deciding factor for potential clients.
  • Set up notifications to alert you through multiple channels when a new lead comes in through your LSA.

Regularly Update Your Ad Content:

It’s not enough to set up your ad and wait for the business to roll in. It’s important to stay up-to-date, ensuring your content remains relevant and attractive to browsing prospects. 

Update your content with these tips in mind: 

  • If directly advertising specific properties through your LSAs, keep any listings and promotional content as current as possible to ensure relevancy.
  • Update your ad to reflect any changes in your services or market focus.

Strategic Budget Management:

Remember, even with the pay-per-lead system of Google LSAs, simply throwing money at tasks isn’t sustainable. Be mindful of your spending and ROI at every stage. 

Manage your budget with these core competencies in mind: 

  • Regularly review the performance of your ads with Google’s analytics tools and adjust your budget accordingly.
  • With the data you collect, allocate more funds to times or seasons when client engagement is traditionally higher.

Use Targeted Keywords:

SEO is an essential facet of any good digital marketing plan, even when using locally targeted ads and promotions. 

When using keywords: 

  • Incorporate specific keywords and phrases that potential clients in your area are likely to use in their searches.
  • Regularly update and refine your keywords based on performance analytics—platforms such as Semrush are great for keyword research.

Monitor and Analyze Ad Performance:

If you’re not getting the business you hoped for or expected, you have to do something about it—analyze your performance and adjust accordingly. 

Tips for monitoring performance include: 

  • Use Google’s analytics tools to track the effectiveness of your ads—they offer a range of valuable statistics.
  • Make data-driven decisions to tweak and improve your LSA strategy, refining regularly over time.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Best practices aren’t just about how to use a tool; they’re also about how not to use it. We’ve jotted down some common mistakes so you can get out in front of them: 

Inconsistent Profile Updates:

  • Avoid leaving your profile stagnant; regular updates are vital to maintaining consistent client interest.
  • Outdated information can lead to miscommunication and lost opportunities—make sure everything is as current as possible.

Underestimating the Power of Reviews:

  • Reviews greatly influence client decisions—potentially more than marketing efforts. Ignoring them can detrimentally impact your credibility.
  • Actively manage your online reputation by encouraging and engaging with client feedback.

Poor Budget Allocation:

  • Mismanagement of your ad budget can often lead to either overspending or inadequate exposure—it’s all about balance.
  • Avoid setting your budget too rigidly, as this will only cause issues down the line; flexibility can be crucial in adapting to fast-paced market changes.

Delayed Response to Leads:

  • Time is of the essence in the real estate world. Delayed responses can result in losing potential clients to competitors.
  • Implement efficient systems or automation tools within your CRM to ensure timely follow-ups.

Neglecting Ad Analytics:

  • Failing to analyze and act on ad performance metrics can prevent you from optimizing your strategy.
  • Regularly review analytics to gain a true understanding of which aspects of your ads are performing well and which need improvement.

By incorporating these best practices into their strategies and avoiding common mistakes, realtors can maximize the effectiveness of their Google Local Service Ads.



In conclusion, Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) have emerged as a vital tool in the modern realtor’s marketing arsenal. Their ability to enhance visibility in local search results, coupled with the trust conferred by the Google Screened badge, positions realtors advantageously in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. 

The impact of using Google Local Ads extends beyond mere visibility. It revolutionizes lead generation, nurtures business growth, and fosters meaningful connections with potential clients. This article has laid out a comprehensive guide—by applying these insights, realtors can unlock the full potential of LSAs, transforming their online presence and moving forward on their journey towards greater business success.

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