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Enhancing Your Real Estate Business with REsimpli latest feature: In-App Call Answering

Enhancing Your Real Estate Business with REsimpli latest feature: In-App Call Answering

Enhancing Your Real Estate Business with REsimpli’s In-App Call Answering

Real estate businesses often rely on efficient call management to ensure smooth communication with clients and leads.

With the introduction of in-app call answering, real estate investors can now streamline their call flow and manage their communications more effectively. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to upgrade your account to enable in-app call answering and how this feature can improve your overall call management.

Upgrading to In-App Call Answering

For Enterprise account users, in-app call answering is included in your account for all users. This feature is available for Basic or Pro account users as a $50 per month add-on, which covers all users and numbers on your account. To upgrade:

  1. Go to “Manage Numbers.”
  2. Go to “Call Flow.”
  3. In your existing call flow, replace “Number Forward” with “In-App Answering.”
  4. If prompted, confirm the $50 per month add-on charge.
  5. Select the role you want calls to be forwarded to.

Note: If using an in-app call answering, do not enable the whisper message feature, as it may cause issues with call forwarding.

In-App Call Answering Features

When a call comes in, the app will display the caller’s phone number and the leads and properties associated with that number.

Once the call is answered, you can directly view the associated properties, leads, and list stacking details in the app.

Call Forwarding Options

In-app call answering can be combined with other call-forwarding options, such as forwarding calls to a specific phone number or voicemail.

This allows you to customize your call flow to suit your business’s needs. For example, you can have the app ring multiple acquisition managers when a call comes in and then forward the call to a specific phone number if no one answers.


In-app call answering can revolutionize how real estate businesses manage their calls, providing an efficient and streamlined communication experience.

By upgrading your account and utilizing this feature, you can improve your overall call management, which can ultimately lead to more successful deals and a more profitable real estate investing journey.