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New Drip and Tag Automations for Real Estate Investors

New Drip and Tag Automations for Real Estate Investors

New Drip and Tag Automations for Real Estate Investors

We are excited to announce a new update to our follow-up feature, adding automations to help streamline your lead management process. With the new update, you can now add drip and tag automations to your follow-up process, making it easier to follow up with leads and close more deals.

To access the new feature, go to “manage numbers” and select any number you want to automate. You will notice that the design is slightly different, with three tabs for general information, team information, and drip and tag automation.

With the drip automation, you can set up a drip campaign for any lead that comes in from a specific campaign. You can also choose to automate the leads created from incoming answered calls, unanswered calls, and integrations like Zapier. This way, you can easily set up follow-up steps for each lead, ensuring that you do not miss any potential deals.

The tag automation works similarly to the drip automation. As soon as a lead is created, you can set up a tag to be auto-assigned to that lead. This way, you can easily organize your leads and prioritize follow-up based on specific criteria.

To give you a quick demo, you can create a lead manually and add a test drip campaign and tags. Once you save the lead, it will automatically add all the specified tags and drip campaign. This way, you can automate the lead follow-up process, ensuring that no potential deals fall through the cracks.

The new feature is only available for Pro or Enterprise plan users, but we believe it adds great value to your business. It can help you close more deals, and since most of the deals come from follow-up, it is an essential feature to have.

In conclusion, we are excited about the new drip and tag automation feature and hope that you will find it useful in your lead management process. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.