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The Power of REsimpli: An Interview with Jeremy Smith

The Power of REsimpli: An Interview with Jeremy Smith

Discovering the Power of REsimpli: An Interview with Jeremy Smith

As a real estate investor, having the right tools in place can make all the difference. In this blog post, we share insights from an interview with Jeremy Smith, a successful investor who has found significant value in using the REsimpli CRM.

Jeremy Smith is a real estate investor based in Tampa, Florida. He primarily invests in Memphis, Tennessee, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Atlanta, Georgia. His portfolio includes wholesaling, fix and flips, and rental properties. On average, Jeremy and his team of six complete around seven to eight deals per month.

In this interview, Jeremy shares his experience with REsimpli, a comprehensive CRM tool designed specifically for real estate investors. He discusses the features that stood out to him, the benefits of using the platform, and its impact on his business.

Switching to REsimpli: Jeremy initially used Podio, then tried FreedomSoft and REI Blackbook before finally settling on REsimpli. He appreciated that REsimpli was a platform that integrated all necessary functions into one system, eliminating the need for external integrations. Jeremy has been using REsimpli for about 30 days at the time of the interview.

Key Features: Jeremy highlights several features of REsimpli that have been particularly valuable for his business:

  1. KPI tracking: The platform offers comprehensive KPI tracking, enabling investors to monitor the performance of their business easily.
  2. Process flow: REsimpli’s interface allows for a smooth process flow, enabling users to move deals seamlessly from one stage to another.
  3. E-signature functionality: The ability to sign documents electronically streamlines the deal-making process.
  4. Integration with other tools: REsimpli integrates well with other tools, such as Launch Control, for efficient data tracking and management.

By incorporating REsimpli into his business, Jeremy has been able to streamline his operations and manage his deals more effectively. In addition, the platform’s comprehensive features and intuitive interface have made a significant impact on his real estate investing success.