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Now that the first set of direct mailing to my two lists is over, I wanted to share the design we used and what the results were. It’s a text only postcard. Very straightforward about who we are what we are looking to do.

Overall, this card worked well for me. My call back rate from this postcard was around 1.5% for Absentee Owners and around 0.25% for High Equity Owner Occupied list. The 0.25% seems very low but after talking to many investors across the country using our service and different services, the 0.25% rate is the norm in a very competitive market.

We also got a house under contract from our Absentee Owners list. I will post further details about the house we have under contract in my next blog but the first month of results have been promising.

I am starting my next round of mailing next week to the Absentee Owners list and I will be sending them a yellow letter in white envelope. I am trying something different with the letter to see how my call back rate will change. I will post the results and what we did and whether that worked or not.