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Delegate – Learning to Teach through the Creation of Training Videos by Joe Davalos

Delegate – Learning to Teach through the Creation of Training Videos by Joe Davalos

Learning to Teach through the Creation of Training Videos

In my last post mentioned I have become overwhelmed in my marketing and it has actually stagnated my growth. My returned mail was overwhelming I had some help in my office but it wasn’t consistent and lacked the details needed for effective tracing of a good lead. This really hurt me since I was buying 2 properties a month for 4 months straight and then I hit a wall. There was some other issues that had some play but my focus and just plain overworking myself had played a major part. I needed to find a solution with systems and delegation being key.

I found I couldn’t get my list out monthly since I had so many returned postcards and the pile would just grow as I couldn’t address each on in time for the next month. I stopped and tried to find a solution.

I need to take a plan of action and steps to address this issue. My list had grown to over 4,000 properties. I had reached the 6 month plus mark on my initial marketing so I culled my first list or List Source properties. This was an opportune time to buy a fresh list and along with new distressed properties for the month I was able to get this list out of a little over 900 properties. This was a quick fix while I still had 3,000 other properties to mail to but needed to address the system first. Below are some of the steps I plan to take to get my marketing back on track and reach my goal of 40 houses this year.

Step One Even though it cost a bit more I will mail a different color post card on the initial mailing then the subsequent will be of a different color. This will allow me(soon to be a VA) to focus on those first returns. As I skip each card I will make notes as to the returned address and why and who I sent the second mailing to.

Step Two I am starting to create training videos on how to skip those returned post cards. If done right it can take about one hour to skip ten to fifteen returns. I am in the process of skipping 10 at a time and filming the process showing how and why I do what I do.

Step Three Tracking motivated seller videos. I am planning on creating videos for all sort of distressed sellers to add to my list. I have been doing this with some success but if I can find a dedicated person to do such this will only increase my success. I can show them where why and how to track these sellers

Step Four Hire a VA. I am looking at two sites. Once I have the training in place I will begin to hire a VA to perform these tasks. The cost savings is significant but you must hire the right person for the job.

Step Five Once all the above are in place and running fairly well not perfect but good I will look at cold calling. I have read that you shouldn’t wait for perfection. you attack and correct but you must take action.

Joe Davalos is a real estate broker and investor in San Antonio and he can be reached at 210-573-3560 or