Best Direct Mail Practices for RE Investors

If I had a penny for every time someone asked me this question.. “What works best? Actual Handwritten Letters, Handwritten Font Letters, Business Letters, or Postcards?” …I would have about 56 pennies 😊 If you have ever done Direct Mail, at some point this question has crossed your mind as well. BiggerPockets and Facebook discussions are filled with debates on

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July 19, 2019 | Real Estate News & Market Update

Commercial Real Estate Flashing Warning Signs Commercial real estate is usually ahead of residential real estate in the market cycle, meaning it peaks earlier and falls earlier; it’s a good leading indicator of real estate as a whole. That’s why the new signs from the Architecture Billings Index falling into negative territory in June is a troubling sign. It means

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Solving the direct mailing puzzle by Joe Davalos

2017 was up and down. When I started realizing my direct mail campaign was not working I changed courses and eventually I saw success. I created a distressed seller list and was at the point of buying 2 properties a month. Got busy and stopped mailing and the momentum quickly died. Well back on track. I have someone working about

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Due Diligence by Brad Bone

Due diligence is a big subject. There is no end to how much due diligence can be done to ensure you are buying the correct property. For that reason, due diligence can be overwhelming. There are many ways to think about due diligence and often it can come down to personality. For example, is buying sight unseen in another state

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