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Carrot Buyer Website Integration


Carrot Buyer Website Integration

Step by Step Guide:

Step by Step SOP for Integrating Buyer Website with REsimpli:

  1. Open your Carrot account and navigate to the buyer’s website.
  2. Open your Zapier account.
  3. Click the “Create Zap” button in Zapier.
  4. Select “Webhooks by Zapier” as the trigger app.
  5. Choose “Catch Hook” as the trigger event, and click “Continue.”
  6. Copy the generated Webhook URL from Zapier.
  7. Go back to your Carrot account and click on “Content” for your buyer’s website.
  8. Click on “Forms” to see the available forms for buyers to fill out.
  9. Choose the specific form you want to integrate with REsimpli (e.g., Basic Investor Form) and click on “Settings.”
  10. In the form settings, navigate to the Zapier section and click “Create One.”
  11. Enter a Zap name (e.g., “REsimpli Integration”) and paste the Webhook URL from Zapier into the “Webhook URL” field.
  12. Click “Save Zapier Feed.”
  13. Go back to Zapier and click “Continue.”
  14. Fill out the form on your buyer’s website with sample data and submit it.
  15. In Zapier, click “Test Trigger” to ensure the data was received.
  16. Click “Continue” in Zapier and choose “REsimpli 2.0” as the action app.
  17. Select “Create Buyer” as the action event, and click “Continue.”
  18. Connect your REsimpli account by selecting it in Zapier or entering your API key (found under “API Token” in your REsimpli account).
  19. Click “Continue” in Zapier.
  20. Map the fields from the Webhook data to your REsimpli account (e.g., first name, last name, email, etc.).
  21. Click “Continue” in Zapier.
  22. Test the integration by clicking “Test & Continue.”
  23. If the test is successful, turn on the Zap in Zapier.

The integration is now complete. Any information submitted through the selected form on your buyer’s website will automatically be pushed to your REsimpli account. If you have any further questions or concerns about the integration process, contact REsimpli customer support for assistance.