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Finding the Best App for Realtors – Our Top 16 Choices

Finding the Best App for Realtors – Our Top 16 Choices

Finding the Best App for Realtors – Our Top 16 Choices

With the world and real estate industry becoming more and more digitized, having access to a CRM system is more important than ever. But it’s not enough to just have access to systems and tools when you’re at your laptop, which is why we’re searching for the best app for realtors.

We’ve built this blog to explore the purposes and benefits of various real estate apps, along with some other apps that can be used to benefit a realtor’s career. Hopefully, by reading this list, you can choose the right apps to take up memory on your mobile device and streamline your career.

What to Look for in Apps for Realtors?

When searching for the best apps for realtors, there are various aspects of the criteria that you should keep in mind, including:

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Practical Usage
  • Ease of Use
  • Transferable Capacities (use outside of real estate)

What’s important to remember is that not every app that could be useful to you as a realtor is actually going to be specifically real estate-focused, which means these criteria can be applied fairly loosely. It could be something that you use for marketing, full CRM management, or even just market research – so don’t be surprised if this list includes a few selections you weren’t expecting.

With these criteria in mind, we’re going to dive into our list of the sixteen best apps for real estate agents.


Propertybase is a full-service CRM platform for realtors, coming with IDX integration, MLS capacities, and marketing tools built right into the app. You can use Propertybase from your laptop or desktop computer, but its mobile app features all of the same features, allowing you to run your real estate business on the go.

It’s worth noting that it comes at the cost of an existing Propertybase account, which starts at $69 a month for one person at a time.


RESIMPLI is another real estate CRM platform primarily designed for desktops with a mobile app included in its plans. The mobile real estate agent app includes the ability to track and pull property details, add properties to your list stacking, take photos of properties, and send direct mail out to potential clients.

Again, this is an app included with the full service, with plans starting at $99 a month.


CINC is a CRM platform, focused on reacting to leads. The system works using AI, which immediately vets and responds to leads, while also connecting them directly via phone calls. This means that you can save time with back-and-forth texting, which can in turn increase your conversion rate.

CINC AI starts at $200 a month.


Freshchat is similar to CINC, in that it’s an AI-based system used for giving instant responses to potential clients. It’s handy for giving quick replies to prospects as you can choose to either let the bot do the work in a simple conversation or allow you to give personal replies that you write yourself.

Freshchat does offer a free plan, with their paid plans ranging between $15 and $69 a month.


LabCoat by GitLab isn’t necessarily the best app for realtors, but it’s a great tool for businesspeople of all varieties. It’s essentially an all-in-one marketing app, packed with templates and designs for social media posts, business cards, flyers, door hangers, and many other promotional materials.

LabCoat’s plans start at $59 a month for solo users, but it can be cheaper on team plans.


Canva is a free, mobile-friendly app that can essentially be used like Photoshop or other graphic design tools. Again, this is not an app designed for real estate agents specifically, but it can come in handy. It can be used for social media posts, posters, presentations, logos, videos, and other visual projects, all of which can be used for promotion.

Canva can be used for free, with its pro plan being priced at $12.99 a month.


While many real estate agents work solely alone, teamwork is not uncommon in larger firms. Connect team is one of the most useful real estate apps for agents in their multitudes, allowing teams to develop schedules, operational forms, GPS time and movement tracking, and group chatting abilities among other things.

Connecteam’s team plan starts at $29 a month.


Calendly is essentially a scheduling system, in which you can share your personal schedule with visitors to your website and other platforms. This makes it one of the best real estate apps, as it allows you to properly organize all of your appointments and viewings, which is essential in this person-facing industry.

Calendly starts with free plans, with more premium offers starting at $8 a month.


Magicplan was developed as an app for contractors, but it’s also got great potential as a mobile app for real estate agents. This app can be used to take 3D images of rooms in a home, measure them, and then create accurate, customizable floor plans, perfect for sharing more details with prospects.

Magicplan offers some free capabilities, but its paid plans start at $9.99


Zillow is popular amongst potential sellers and buyers alike. It offers listings on the market, allows people to advertise their properties, and features a valuation tool that estimates the right price for a home. As an agent or realtor, you can use Zillow for valuable market research, while the Premier Agent app comes with added CRM qualities.

All of Zillow’s apps are free, while there are some costs that can come up.

Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro is a lead-capturing app that’s focused on marketing through open houses. It allows you to send automated email marketing prompts to open-house visitors, while also allowing hosts to add detail to lead profiles. It also provides visitors the ability to offer their own feedback and budget information.

There is a free version of Open Home Pro, while the premium version starts at $20 a month.


Waze is a favorite of drivers all over the world, but in a way, it’s also one of the best apps for realtors. Being a realtor requires you to move around a lot, driving all over cities and towns to set up open houses, organize viewings, and more. With this navigation app, you can make sure you’re never late for another appointment.

Waze is free of charge for everyone at all times!


Remember the old days when you had to carry a USB around with you all over the place to keep your files safe? Well with Dropbox, those days are far behind us! Dropbox is a great file-saving and file-sharing app, which is perfect for keeping your important files, photos, and documents organized, along with sharing them with team members and clients.

Dropbox can be used for free, while paid plans start at $9.99 a month.


Video marketing has become an essential part of the real estate agent’s life, which is why every realtor needs a good video editing app in their arsenal. With Animoto, you can easily edit professional-level videos, including titles, transitions, music, and more, so you can easily advertise your services and your properties with attractive eye-catching videos.

Animoto can be used for free, but it requires the $9 plan for HD videos with no watermarks.


Forewarn is a great tool for vetting candidates before actually meeting them in person. The real estate industry is a fast-moving business, but that doesn’t mean you have to take unnecessary risks. Through just a phone number, the app will show you the lead’s real name, criminal history, property, and vehicle ownership, and even bankruptcy history.

Forewarn is priced at $20 a month but discounted enterprise options are available.

Google Drive

Much like Dropbox, Google Drive has become a popular choice for file saving and sharing. Using Drive, you can keep your files in a variety of folders, while also creating shared drives across teams of agents, along with prospects and active clients. Whether getting your marketing strategy planned or sharing valuable documents, Drive can be useful.

Google Drive is totally free to all users.


When it comes to finding the best app for realtors, you need to consider which apps are most relevant to the things that you need help with.

Could you benefit from better lead handling or are you more focused on upping your marketing game? Do you need a full CRM system installed or have you got one in place that you can use on a mobile platform? By answering these questions, choosing the right app will be easier than ever.

In our opinion, the best app for realtors is our very own RESIMPLI when used in conjunction with the full desktop version. Having a complete CRM system, complete with a website builder, SEO tools, and lead generation is invaluable, and access to it from your phone provides the convenience that you need.

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