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What Does Open Lead Mean in the Dashboard?

What Does Open Lead Mean in the Dashboard?

What Does Open Lead Mean in the Dashboard?

Open leads are leads that you haven’t done anything yet. No calls made yet, no SMS set out yet and no taks of drip Campaign set up yet.

An open lead in the dashboard means that you receive any communication in a lead whether it could be an SMS, Call, or an MMS.

Attached is a loom video on what are open leads:

Step by Step Guide:

Here are the step-by-step instructions for managing open leads in REsimpli:

  1. Log in to your REsimpli main dashboard. The system will show you that you have open leads.
  2. Open leads are any leads where you have received a new communication from the lead, such as an SMS, a call, or an MMS, but you haven’t replied back to it yet.
  3. To view the open leads, click on the “Open Leads” tab on the main dashboard.
  4. Click on any open lead to view the communication history.
  5. To mark the lead as closed, you can either reply back to the lead or click on the “mark as closed” button.
  6. If you choose to reply back to the lead, send a response to the lead via SMS or MMS.
  7. Once you have replied back, refresh the page to see the change in the lead status.
  8. If you click on “mark as closed,” the system will take off the open lead tag.
  9. To filter for all open leads, click on the “Filter” button and select “Open Leads.” This will show you all the leads that need to be prioritized.
  10. To receive updates on any new communication from an open lead, keep the lead open until you have fully responded to the communication. Once you have replied back, you can mark the lead as closed.

That’s it! With these steps, you can manage and prioritize your open leads in REsimpli.