What actions can I perform from main Leads page

What actions can I perform from main Leads page

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What Actions Can I Perform From the Main Leads Page?

To access the Leads – go to the left sidebar menu. Click Leads.

Below are the actions that can be performed on the main Leads page:

1. Drag-and-Drop. The board can be transferred from one place to another. Example: from No Contact Made to Contact Made.

drag and drop

2. Click the icons at the bottom to make a call, send a message, send an email, drip campaign, mark lead as hot lead or favorite. Other data can also be seen, such as:

a. Click Call icon to make a call to the buyer or seller.

b. Click SMS icon to send a message to a buyer or seller.

Click SMS icon

3. The last action taken with the Lead will be shown in the upper right corner of the lead. To see the details, click the Lead information.

The activity log can be viewed once Lead information is clicked.