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Tracking Calls and SMS Activity For Team Members

By Sharad Mehta
23rd Feb, 2023

Tracking Calls and SMS Activity For Team Members

1. To check the activity of the team members, click on the Homepage → Dashboard. The numbers of SMS sent, Calls made are displayed in the upper part of the dashboard.

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2. To track the activity of other team members using Dashboard:

  • a. Click on the upper right corner of the Communication section of the window.
  • b. Switch from the main user’s dashboard to the team member’s dashboard.
  • c. Check team member’s Homepage → Dashboard to see the SMS Sent and Calls Made.
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3. To track the activity of the team member using Call Logs:

  • a. Click on the left sidebar menu. Go to ACTIVITY. Click Call Logs.
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  • b. To check specific activity, click the filter icon in Call Logs, and tick specific activity, for example, all Outgoing Call only. Click the Filter Leads button.
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Also, filtering the Call Log can be made by date. Select Start Date and End Date. Click Filter Leads.

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