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How to Stop REsimpli Call Flow from Going to Your Personal Voicemail?

By Sharad Mehta
12th Mar, 2023

How to Stop REsimpli Call Flow from Going to Your Personal Voicemail?

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Access the Manage Number section

  • Log in to your REsimpli account.
  • Click on the top right section of the page and select “Manage Number.”

Step 2: Navigate to the Call Flow tab

  • Once the “Manage Number” page opens, click on the “Call Flow” tab.

Step 3: Edit the Call Flow

  • Choose the Call Flow you want to edit and click on it.

Step 4: Adjust the call forwarding settings

  • In the Call Flow settings, locate the “Single Forward” option, which is set to forward calls to a specific phone number.

Step 5: Enable the Whisper Message option

  • Make sure the “Enable Whisper Message” option is checked.
  • Hover over the option to see what it does: the person picking up the call will hear a message saying the campaign name, while the caller continues to hear ringing. The person receiving the call must press the hash key (#) to connect the call. If they do nothing, the call will continue through the remaining Call Flow steps, preventing voicemails from answering the call.

Step 6: Save the changes

  • Save the updated Call Flow settings.

By following these steps, you can prevent calls coming to your REsimpli number from ending up in your personal voicemail or your team members’ personal voicemails. If you want the calls to be answered by your personal voicemail, uncheck the “Enable Whisper Message” option.