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Starting my real estate business

I started my real estate business last year in 2017 and it has been paying big dividends. When starting off I was unsure of how everything worked, it seemed a bit overwhelming. I began to break it down piece by piece and dived in, figuring I would learn most by action and gain valuable experience along the way. I have done fix and flips, rentals and wholesale deals. I love being an active real estate investor, I have met so many inspiring people and it has given me the hope for a bright future.

I received a call on the first mailers I sent out and I was amazed it actually worked. I went and looked at the house – a probate property. I never closed on that house, most likely due to inexperience but learned some lessons that still guide me to this day. A few months after I sent out my first mailers I got creative and ended up with a $30k profit on a deal. After the deal closed I still could not believe it was real – all my countless hours studying real estate and taking action had paid off. I have since done over 10+ deals since starting in the middle of 2017 and am excited as to what the future holds. I love real estate investing because of the amount of control that is possible. A profit can be made on almost every single property because there are so many niches and ways to get create. Pick a specialty and become the expert in it and it will pay off big time.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to new investors is to start taking action, doing some deals and networking with as many successful people as possible. If you are taking action people will love to help you as they can see you are trying to make it work and are not being paralyzed by fear. Good luck investors!