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Sharad Mehta’s Call Back Rate – Jan 24, 2018

Sharad Mehta’s Call Back Rate – Jan 24, 2018

Sharad Mehta’s Call Back Rate on Jan 24, 2018

This is the list that I used for my 2nd set of mailings:

City Hammond, IN
Griffith, IN
Crown Point, IN
Highland, IN
Schererville, IN
Munster, IN
Hobart, IN
Merrillville, IN

Property Type
Residential: Townhouse
Residential: Triplex
Residential: Quad
Residential: Sfr
Residential: Condominium
Residential: Pud
Residential: Duplex

51 To 60 %
61 To 70 %
71 To 80 %
81 To 90 %
91 To 100 %

Last Market Sale Date

Exclude Corporate-owned

Here’s the link to the blog if you want to see how many records I got back and how I set up the mailing:

Link to List Criteria

This list has performed very poorly for me so far. I have done 2 weeks of mailing to total of 3,600 records or so have received back 10 calls with a lot of them asking me to take them off the mailing list. There hasn’t been any decent lead so far from this list.

So as of today, my call back rate is a whopping 0.28% (I am rounding it up very slightly to feel better about the call back rate).

The call back rate is disappointing for sure but I speak with investors from all over the country, some that are using our direct mail service and some that are using another company and it’s not uncommon to see call back rate this low for some competitive market and low motivation sellers.

Just the other day I had dinner with another investor who uses a competitor for direct mail and sends around 2,000 mailers/week in a competitive market and his response rate for last 3 months has been 0.25% for postcards.

Based on what I learn, you gotta have a good list and then continue mailing to that list over and over again. The mail design doesn’t make as much difference as the list you are mailing to and persistently sending to that list over and over again does.

I am going to continue sending to this list and see how the results vary by changing the mailer type.