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Resale Price 0$
Minimum Required Profit 0$ 0%
Wholesale Fee 0$ 0%
Repair Costs 0$ 0%
Purchase Costs
Purchase Closing Cost 0$ 0%
Purchase Closing Cost 0$ 0%
Home Inspection Fee 0$ 0%
Other Fee 0$ 0%
Lender Costs
Lender Costs 0$ 0%
Lender Points 0$ 0%
Lender Fees 0$ 0%
Holding Costs
Property Taxes 0$ 0%
Property Taxes 0$ 0%
Gas 0$ 0%
Water 0$ 0%
Garbage 0$ 0%
HOA 0$ 0%
Property Insurance 0$ 0%
Lawn Care/Snow Removal 0$ 0%
Other Holding Costs 0$ 0%
Selling Costs
Commission 0$ 0%
Sales Closing Costs 0$ 0%
Closing Costs Credit to Buyer 0$ 0%
Maximum Purchase Price 0$ 0%
Purchase Price 0$
Repair Costs 0$
Purchase Closing Costs 0$
Holding Cost 0$
Appraisal Fee 0$
Home Inspection Fee 0$
Other Fee 0$
Total Funds Needed 0$
Total Loan Amount (0$)
Out of Pocket Funds / (Excess from Loan) 0$
Resale Price after Fix Up (ARV) 0$
Purchase Price 0$
Purchase Costs 0$
Repairs 0$
Holding Costs 0$
Lender Costs 0$
Selling Costs 0$
Net Profit $0
Project ROI 0%
Loan Amount ($) 0%
Lender Points (%) 0$
Lender Fees 0$
Interest Rate (%) 0$
Project Duration (months) 1
Out of Pocket Funds / (Excess from Loan) 0$

The Best Real Estate Wholesale Calculator

Wondering how to calculate ARV wholesaling? What about how to calculate wholesale prices? Check out our new wholesale pricing calculator here.

Introducing The Ultimate Real Estate Wholesale Calculator by REsimpli

“Analyze Real Estate Wholesale Property and Calculate Your Future Deals”—the Real Estate Wholesale Calculator from REsimpli is a must-have tool for investors and wholesalers alike. We’ve created a powerful wholesale calculator that real estate professionals can use to simplify the complexities of evaluating wholesale properties, ensuring you make informed and profitable decisions.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and algorithms, we’ve made it easier than ever for wholesalers at every stage of their careers to step into transactions with confidence and awareness.

Key Features:

  • Accurate ARV Calculations: Our system accurately determines the After-Repair Value of properties with precision. This is perfect for fix-and-flip investments, which are commonplace in wholesaling.
  • Profit Analysis: Estimate your potential profit margins on deals, whether working as the wholesaler or the direct investor in the property. This gives you a good goal to aim for while allowing for better financial planning.
  • 70% Rule Calculation: The 70% Rule is a concept in wholesaling and investment where distressed properties should never be offered for more than 70% of their ARV. Our calculator quickly applies this rule to evaluate deal viability more comprehensively.
  • MAO Formula: In line with the 70% rule, our real estate wholesale calculator also includes a sophisticated MAO Formula application. This is to accurately determine the Maximum Allowable Offer to make on a property.
  • Repair Cost Estimations: To properly understand whether the ARV is worth your time, you need to determine how expensive the repairs will be. Simply input and calculate expected repair costs for an accurate deal assessment with our calculator.

Video Tutorial

Our Real Estate Wholesale Calculator is remarkably easy to use, with most people getting it down on their first try! We’ve also put together this short video to demonstrate how the Real Estate Wholesale Calculator works, guiding you through each feature to make the most of your investment strategies.

How Do I Calculate My Wholesale Offer Price?

To properly understand how our Real Estate Wholesale Calculator works, you need to understand the steps in calculating a wholesale offer price.

Calculating Wholesale Offer Price

Calculating the perfect wholesale offer price is simple enough! The process involves assessing the property’s After-Repair Value (ARV), getting a detailed estimation of repair costs, and then applying the 70% rule (ARV multiplied by 70% minus repair costs). This formula gives you a competitive yet profitable offer price, and now, with our calculator, these formulas are easier than ever.

Basic vs. Advanced Calculator

We offer two varieties of our Real Estate Wholesale Calculator—the Basic and Advanced versions. The basic calculator is great for people early on in their careers, providing essential estimations suitable for quick analyses. The advanced calculator, on the other hand, offers more detailed inputs, such as varying repair costs and fluctuating market conditions, catering to more experienced investors handling complex deal structures.

Calculate Wholesale Property in Seconds

This innovative calculator allows you to input key figures and instantly receive a comprehensive analysis of your wholesale deal, allowing you to step into any deal with the utmost confidence. With our remarkably user-friendly interfaces and quick calculations, it streamlines the evaluation process for wholesalers and investors alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions that people have about the nature of wholesale calculations.

How Can I Estimate ARV?

Estimating ARV involves analyzing recent sales of similar properties in the same area, considering factors such as location, size, and condition, along with any special features you might include after repairs. The calculator simplifies this by allowing you to input comparable sales data for the most accurate estimate possible.

How do You Calculate a 70% rule?

The 70% rule is calculated by multiplying the ARV by 70% and then subtracting estimated repair costs, designed to guarantee any deal you step into is always worth it. The 70% rule helps investors avoid overpaying for a property and ensures a profit margin while making it easier to work out a wholesaler’s fee.

What is an MAO Calculator?

A Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) calculator helps determine the highest price you can offer for a property while still making an attractive profit. It factors in elements of the deal, such as ARV, repair costs, and your desired profit margin.

What is the Formula for Maximum Allowable Offer?

The formula for MAO is ARV multiplied by an investment percentage (usually 70%–75%) minus estimated repair costs and desired profit. This formula ensures the offer made is within a profitable range and is easily applicable with our Real Estate Wholesale Calculator.