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Navigating Real Estate Lead Bidding: County vs. State Subscriptions and Maximizing Your Strategy

By Sharad Mehta
7th Apr, 2023

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In the competitive world of real estate investing, securing quality leads is crucial for success. Understanding how to navigate lead bidding on a county or state level can make a significant difference in the number of leads generated and the overall cost of your marketing strategy.


This blog post will discuss how to subscribe to counties or states, adjust your bids, and maximize your lead generation strategy.


  1. Subscribing to Counties or States

When subscribing to a specific county or state, you are telling the system to send you leads for that area at a particular price. However, if you subscribe to an entire state, you can still individually adjust your bid for specific counties within that state, allowing you to be more competitive in certain areas.


     2. Adjusting Your Bids

Once you’ve subscribed to a county or state, you can easily adjust your bid for leads in real time. However, it’s essential to be aware that the price you are willing to pay for leads at the time they are generated is the price you will be charged. Avoid trying to cheat the system by lowering your bid immediately after receiving a lead, as all pricing changes are recorded.


     3. Competing with Top Bidders

If you subscribe to an entire state, it’s important to remember that your bid may not be the highest in every county. Therefore, you can individually adjust your bid for those specific areas to increase your chances of securing leads in more competitive counties. This allows you to be more strategic and selective in your bidding approach.


    4. Integrating with Lead Management Systems

Upon signing up for a lead generation service, integration with lead management systems like REsimpli may not be automatically set up. However, it usually takes just a few minutes to establish this integration. Some services may even offer to set up the integration for you free of charge upon request.

    5.Receiving Lead Information

You will still receive lead information via email and text messages even without integration with a lead management system. This ensures you have the necessary property address and seller information to pursue the lead effectively.



Navigating real estate lead bidding on a county or state level can seem complex, but understanding how to subscribe, adjust your bids, and compete with top bidders can significantly improve your lead generation strategy. By being strategic and selective in your bidding approach, you can maximize the number of leads you secure and enhance your chances of success in the competitive world of real estate investing.