How to use search feature in REsimpli

How to use search feature in REsimpli

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How To Use Search Feature in REsimpli

1. To use the SEARCH feature, go to the Search Bar at the top of the page. Type the information to search. Hit the Enter key.


2. To search information from a specific page, for example, PROPERTIES → Inventory:

A. Go to the left sidebar menu. Click on the PROPERTIES → Inventory.

B. Go to the Search Bar, type the information to search, for example, Mark. All information that has Mark in it will be displayed.

3. Hit the ENTER key to display the information.

4. To search for other related information like a phone number, type in the phone number in the Search Bar. Hit the ENTER key.

5. To see the complete information of the searched items

A. Click the Property Address to go to the Lead’s page.

B. Click the Lead under the “Type” column to go to the Main Leads page.