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How to Move a Lead to a Dead Lead

By Sharad Mehta
22nd Mar, 2023

How to Move a Lead to a Dead Lead

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Log in to your REsimpli account.
  2. Locate the lead you want to mark as a dead lead.
  3. Click on the lead to access its details.
  4. Find the “Move to Dead Lead” option within the lead’s details.
  5. Click on the “Move to Dead Lead” option.
  6. A dropdown menu will appear, prompting you to select a reason for marking the lead as dead.
  7. Choose the appropriate reason (e.g., “Property already sold”) from the dropdown menu.
  8. The lead will now be marked as a dead lead, and it will be moved to the “Dead Leads” section.
  9. To view the reason why the lead was marked as dead, scroll down within the lead’s details.
  10. The reason for marking the lead as dead will be displayed near the bottom of the lead’s details page.

By following these steps, you can move a lead to the “Dead Lead” status and view the reason for doing so within REsimpli.