How to add new eSign Template

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How To Add A New eSign Template

1. Go to the left sidebar menu. Click GENERAL → e-Sign.

2. Click Add eSign Template in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. The system will direct to the file explorer where the template will come from.

4. Select a PDF template. Click Open. The template will be uploaded to the system.

5. Select the necessary information from the fields to include in the template. Drag and drop the fields to the template.

a. The field on the left side is used for the type of data (text, date, signatures) that needs to provide. Hover the mouse to each field to see how each field works.

b. The Field Properties tab on the right is used for the following:

  1. Tick Value Mandatory (values are mandatory to fill out), View Only (view the file only, editing is not possible), and/or  Include File Name.
  2. Document formatting (font size, font type, font color, etc.) of the selected field from the left.

c. The Recipient Parties tab is where the field can be assigned to the first party or second party that fills out the document slots. To use the tabs:

a. Click the “Buyer” or the “first party” tab to drag and drop the field for the Buyer to fill out.

b. Click the “Seller” or the “second party” tab to drag and drop the field for the Seller to fill out.

Note: The Field property (Signature, Data Entry, and Advance Fields) on the left switches colors as the Recipient Parties switched.

6. Click Save And Close button.

7. To check the newly created eSign Template, click GENERAL → e-Sign. Click the Template tab.