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How REsimpli Streamlined Michael’s Real Estate Investing Business and Helped Him Close More Deals

How REsimpli Streamlined Michael’s Real Estate Investing Business and Helped Him Close More Deals

REsimpli Streamlined Michael’s Real Estate Investing Business

We explained Michael’s story and how he scaled his real estate business. Michael is a real estate investor in the Louisville market and surrounding areas who has been using REsimpli for over two years. Michael shares his experience with the platform, how it has helped him organize his business, and how it has contributed to closing more deals.

Meet Michael, a Journeyman Investor

Michael, who initially started as a one-person show, now has a team of four people, including a virtual assistant (VA). His primary focus is on wholesaling, but he also dabbles in flipping and buy-and-hold investments. Since going full force into wholesaling in February, Michael and his team have closed an impressive number of deals and maintained a steady pipeline.

Organizing Leads and Streamlining Follow-ups

Before using REsimpli, Michael used another system that wasn’t tailored to his needs. Since switching to REsimpli, he has kept his leads organized and ensured that no lead is left behind, thanks to the platform’s robust follow-up system. He particularly appreciates the customizable drip campaigns that allow him to maintain contact with leads, even those deemed “semi-dead.”

Marketing Channels and Team Communication

Michael’s team primarily uses text blasting for their marketing efforts, integrating the campaign with REsimpli via Zapier. The platform has helped them keep track of different marketing channels, ensuring they always know where a lead originated from and their motivation.

REsimpli also serves as the primary means of communication among team members. By setting up permissions and assigning tasks, Michael can efficiently manage his team and control access to information.

Closing More Deals with REsimpli

Michael credits REsimpli for helping him close more deals, thanks to its powerful drip campaign feature. He shares a story of a deal he thought was dead, but after putting the lead on a drip campaign, he closed the deal eight months later.

Final Thoughts

With its numerous features and customizable options, REsimpli has become an indispensable tool for Michael and his real estate investing business. Use REsimpli in your wholesaling business to close more deals and make more money.