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Why You Need the Best Real Estate Agents & How to Find Them

Why You Need the Best Real Estate Agents & How to Find Them

Why You Need the Best Real Estate Agents & How to Find Them

Plus, a Look at Some of the Top 20 Realtors in the US Today ​

In a market as dynamic and nuanced as the real estate sector, collaborating with the best real estate agents can significantly streamline your home buying or selling journey. 

These professionals act as pillars of support and knowledge, guiding clients through various stages of real estate transactions. The distinction of the “best” is garnered through a blend of key traits that contribute to a successful real estate agent-client relationship. 

Throughout this article, we identify the crucial qualities that set these agents apart and offer insights on how to find the best real estate agent near you, ensuring a smooth and successful venture into real estate.

Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent​

To have a rewarding partnership with your agent, being cognizant of the qualities that underscore the best real estate agents is essential. Here, we look at several key attributes that realtors require to deliver the best results for their clients:

Strong Communication Skills

In the realm of real estate, where transactions are often accompanied by complex procedures and documentation, having an agent with impeccable communication skills is paramount. 

These individuals excel in articulating all the elements of a deal, ensuring their clients are well-informed and comfortable throughout the process. They can use their communication skills to be highly persuasive, resulting in the best outcomes for clients.

Additionally, their ability to actively listen allows them to grasp their clients’ unique needs and preferences, fostering a harmonious and transparent real estate agent-client relationship.

Knowledge of the Local Real Estate Market

The best real estate agents possess an in-depth understanding of the local market dynamics. Their expertise encompasses the current market trends, neighborhood specifics, and the valuation of properties in different locales. 

This knowledge proves invaluable in helping clients make well-informed decisions, be it in setting the right price for a property or finding a home that aligns with the client’s specifications and budget.

Attention to Detail

Paying meticulous attention to detail is a critical quality of a proficient agent. From scrutinizing property documents to noticing subtle cues during property inspections, their keen eye helps in averting potential pitfalls. 

This trait is instrumental in ensuring all facets of a transaction, including legalities and paperwork, are handled with utmost precision, safeguarding their clients’ interests.

Ability to Negotiate Effectively

One of the pivotal roles of a real estate agent is to negotiate the best possible terms for their clients. The ability to negotiate effectively hinges on a deep understanding of market dynamics and superior communication skills. 

Through effective negotiation, agents can help clients secure favorable deals, potentially saving them substantial amounts of money and avoiding unnecessary hassles.

Strong Work Ethic

Embarking on a real estate venture demands dedication and a relentless work ethic. The best real estate agents are committed to their clients’ goals, going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. This includes being readily available to address queries, being proactive in finding opportunities, and constantly working to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

How Can I Find the Best Real Estate Agent Near Me?​

When it comes to finding a real estate agent who embodies the aforementioned qualities, meticulous research and a proactive approach to due diligence are crucial. 

The following strategies will help you find a real estate agent by narrowing your choices so you can select someone well-suited to your needs:

  • Online Reviews: A starting point is researching online reviews and ratings, which offer a glimpse into the experiences of other clients with particular agents. Platforms that specialize in real estate reviews can provide insights into an agent’s reputation and expertise in your area. 
  • Define Your Goals: Different real estate agents work across different property types, niches, and areas. They also have different working styles and personality types. Be sure to define your needs and wants ahead of time so you have a clear idea of the sort of agent you want to work with. This will help narrow your search.
  • Research Agents with the Most Listings: One effective strategy in finding a promising real estate agent is to identify those with the most listings in your preferred area. Agents with numerous listings are likely to have a robust network and extensive market knowledge, which can be advantageous when it comes to finding the right opportunities for you. Moreover, it signals their experience and proficiency in handling various types of properties and client needs.
  • Get Referrals: Seeking recommendations from friends, family, or work colleagues who have had positive experiences can also guide you in the right direction. It means someone you likely trust and have a similar attitude to has already used the realtor’s services and vetted them for you.
  • Consult with a Relocation Specialist: If you are contemplating moving to a different city or state, consulting with a relocation specialist can be an astute move. These specialists often have connections with reputed agents in various locales, helping you find a professional who understands the nuances of the area you are considering. Leveraging their network can smooth the transition and ensure you have an experienced hand guiding you in your new environment.
  • Verify the Agent’s License: As a fundamental step in your search, ensure the agent’s license is current and valid. This verifies their legitimacy and helps avert potential conflicts or discrepancies down the line. You can check the validity of an agent’s license through state regulatory bodies, affirming that you are entrusting your property matters to a qualified professional. 

Don’t rush this process. Remember, taking time with your search and scrutinizing the credentials and testimonials of potential agents can be a game-changer in securing a partnership with one of the best real estate agents near you, paving the way for a successful real estate journey.

Top 20 Real Estate Agents​

In this section, we delve into the profiles of some of the top real estate agents in the US who have left an indelible mark in the industry with their exemplary service, extensive knowledge, and remarkable sales records. 

1. Alexa Lambert

The undisputed leader in the New York City real estate space, renowned for her meticulous approach to real estate transactions.

Alexa Lambert, an executive at Compass, has been a force in the New York real estate market, often being the go-to agent for high-end listings in the city. In 2020, Alexa was the #1 residential broker in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal. With a track record of brokering some of the biggest deals in NYC, Lambert’s keen eye for detail and extensive network make her a powerhouse in the industry.

Alexa Lambert

Alexa Lambert, an executive at Compass, has been a force in the New York real estate market, often being the go-to agent for high-end listings in the city. In 2020, Alexa was the #1 residential broker in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal. With a track record of brokering some of the biggest deals in NYC, Lambert’s keen eye for detail and extensive network make her a powerhouse in the industry.

2. Justin Tye

One of the top real estate agents in California, Justin Tye stands as the epitome of expertise and dedication, making $640 million in sales last year.

Justin Tye

Serving as the team leader at Active Realty, Tye brings a blend of insight and diligence to the table. With an impressive track record that spans over a decade, he has continually demonstrated his commitment to providing exceptional services, fostering a commendable real estate agent-client relationship. 

3. Cathy Franklin

A veteran in the real estate sector, Cathy Franklin has established herself as a go-to figure in the luxury property segment in New York and is one of Manhattan’s top brokerage superstars.

Cathy Franklin

Franklin, working with Corcoran Group, has consistently showcased her mastery in handling luxury properties, earning her numerous accolades and a stellar reputation in the industry. Her knack for understanding the nuances of the luxury market has seen her close multi-million dollar deals with efficiency and professionalism. She is consistently listed in the top 1% of agents in the US by the Wall Street Journal.

4. Dolly Lenz

A celebrated figure in the New York real estate market with over 25 years of experience, Dolly Lenz is synonymous with luxury real estate.

Dolly Lenz

Leading her own real estate firm, Dolly Lenz Real Estate LLC, Lenz’s career has been defined by a series of record-setting sales. With an astonishing career sales volume exceeding $14 billion, she remains a dominant figure in the industry, offering unparalleled expertise and insights into the luxury property sector.

5. Ben Caballero

A master of the real estate sector situated in Addison, Texas, celebrated for his record-breaking sales volumes.

Ben Caballero

Ben Caballero, the founder of, holds the Guinness World Record for the most homes sold by an individual in a single year, a feat he has achieved for multiple years. His expertise and innovation in the field have seen him facilitate transactions amounting to over $1 billion annually since 2016, setting a remarkable benchmark in the industry.

6. Jade Mills

An industry icon in the Beverly Hills real estate scene, Jade Mills has been a consistent top performer in the luxury property segment, with over $8 billion in sales.

Jade Mills

Owning her own brokerage, Jade Mills Estates, Mills’ extensive experience and well-curated portfolio of luxury properties have made her a sought-after name in the Beverly Hills real estate market. Her career, highlighted by billion-dollar sales volumes, is a testimony to her acumen and deep understanding of the luxury market dynamics.

7. Chris Cortazzo

A leading real estate agent with 29 years of experience, revered for his insight into the Malibu, California, real estate market.

Chris Cortazzo

Chris Cortazzo, a seasoned agent with Compass, has closed transactions amounting to hundreds of millions yearly, showcasing his adeptness and reliability in facilitating significant deals. He has amassed more than $8 billion in career sales, achieving over $1 billion in sales in 2021. Throughout his career, Cortazzo has been consistently honored for his high levels of sales performance and client satisfaction.

8. Serena Boardman

A prominent figure in the luxury real estate market, based in New York, New York, Serena has sold in excess of $4 billion dollars of property.

Serena Boardman

Serena Boardman is a graduate of Chapin School, Brooks School, and Brown University, where she majored in Art History and Political Science. Working with Sotheby’s International Realty, Boardman specializes in high-end luxury properties. Her remarkable ability to close high-stake deals speaks volumes about her prowess and networks in the real estate arena.

9. Steven Shane

As one of the top three brokers in Aspen, Colorado, Steven Shane is a seasoned professional in the real estate business, boasting a notable tenure at Compass.

Steven Shane

With an impressive sales volume exceeding $178 million, Shane showcases profound knowledge of Aspen’s real estate landscape and demonstrates an unyielding commitment to his community. His innovative approach, coupled with a keen business acumen honed over 20 years in the area, propels him to continuously surpass his clients’ expectations.

10. Darlene Streit

A seasoned and reliable figure in the real estate sector, Darlene Streit embodies professionalism and excellence, boasting a sterling career peppered with significant accolades and recognitions.

Darlene Streit

Streit boasts a track record that includes over $2 billion in career sales and consistent top rankings in the US by RealTrends. Now aligned with the Corcoran Group, her expertise is a precious resource to the clientele in South Florida, where she leverages her understanding of market trends to facilitate seamless transactions in the region’s prime locations.

11. Moya Skillman

As a social media maven and a formidable force in the real estate industry, Moya Skillman, based in Medina, Washington, continually sets trends in the Compass real estate sphere.

best real estate agents, REsimpli

Skillman is renowned for an annual sales volume that surpasses $181 million, a testimony to her mastery and extensive experience spanning over 14 years. A visionary, Skillman has initiated avenues for agent collaboration through the formation of The Breakfast Club, leveraging social media platforms to foster connections and business growth. This innovative approach, coupled with her deep expertise, has earned her features in prominent publications and appearances on notable networks.

12. Nelson Gonzalez

With a reputation as a stellar top producer of homes and condos in Miami Beach, Florida, Nelson Gonzalez is a distinguished figure holding a Senior VP role at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty.

Nelson Gonzalez

Boasting an impressive sales volume of over $182 million in 2020 and over two decades of experience, Gonzalez has perfected the art of real estate trading, offering clients unparalleled market insights and opportunities. His extensive engagement with industry communities, including the Master Brokers Forum and the Luxury Home Council Committee for Realtors, underscores his prominence in the sector.

13. Suzanne Frizbee

A veteran in the Palm Beach real estate arena, Suzanne Frizbee has graced the industry with her expertise since 1988, serving as a trusted broker at Corcoran.

Suzanne Frizbee

Frizbee’s detailed knowledge of Palm Beach’s market dynamics, backed by over three decades of residency, grants her a unique position to offer exclusive insights and services to her clients. This dedication to excellence has garnered her a loyal clientele and numerous accolades, including a noteworthy mention as the #1 agent in Palm Beach in 2020.

14. Tim Davis

As a seasoned broker in the Hamptons with a thriving 40-year career, Tim Davis combines deep regional insight with confident brokerage skills.

Tim Davis

Associated with The Corcoran Group, Davis has orchestrated significant luxury sales in the Hamptons’ East End. His remarkable sales volume of $237,245,000 marked him as the #10 top agent in the US in 2020, showcasing his commitment to setting new records in luxury property sales.

15. Erin Boisson Aries

A formidable presence in the New York real estate market, Erin has carved a niche for herself with her expertise and client-centric approach.

Erin Boisson Aries

A top broker for Douglas Elliman, Erin’s ability to facilitate smooth transactions, especially in the luxury property segment, has earned her a prestigious reputation. The Erin Boisson Aries Team is currently leading marketing and sales for major clients, including The Ritz-Carlton Residences New York, NoMad, and has exclusive representation for Fasano Fifth Avenue and 401 West.

16. Jordan Cohen

Specializing in luxury homes for celebrity clientele, Jordan Cohen is a renowned one-man operation handling substantial annual sales volumes.

Jordan Cohen

Stationed at RE/MAX One in Westlake Village, Cohen has made notable sales to prominent sports personalities, earning acclaim from various media outlets. As a dedicated family man, he values personal connections with his high-profile clients, consistently featuring as one of the top real estate agents in the US.

17. Tere Foster

With 30 years of selling residential properties in Washington, Tere Foster is a leading figure in the sector, known for her collaborative approach and strong community connections.

Tere Foster

Situated in Bellevue and operating her firm Foster Realty, Tere has achieved a substantial sales volume that consistently puts her in the top 20 in the country, achieving $355,812,895 in 2020. Alongside her team, she has received accolades from the Wall Street Journal, establishing herself as a top agent with a focus on luxury buyers.

18. David Offer

Acknowledged for his unyielding work ethic and dedication, David Offer holds a significant position in the real estate industry with over 29 years of experience.

David Offer

Based at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties, he is renowned for prioritizing clients’ needs and offering market-savvy insights. His remarkable consistency and commitment have seen him recognized as the country’s top-producing agent in 2019, with a sales volume of $233,405,597.

19. Judy Citron

Since her career began in 1995, Judy Citron has become a favored choice among luxury buyers in the Menlo Park, California, area.

Judy Citron

Working with Compass, her dedication and meticulous attention to detail have allowed her to foster long-term relationships with her clients. Currently having the number one share of the Menlo Park area, she is consistently ranked as one of the top real estate agents in the nation.

20. Neill Bassi

A distinguished figure in San Francisco’s luxury real estate market, Neill Bassi specializes in offering confidential and personalized services to high-end clients.

Neill Bassi

Currently associated with Sotheby’s International Realty, he is adept at catering to clients seeking properties ranging from $2 million to $10 million. Recognized as a generational game-changer by San Francisco magazine, Bassi has brokered the sales of numerous important homes exceeding $25 million. His active work is consistently in the $5 million to $20 million range.


In the complex landscape of real estate, securing a top-tier agent can be critical for success. Their in-depth market knowledge, masterful negotiation skills, and meticulous attention to detail can seamlessly guide you to favorable deals and prime opportunities. 

Don’t compromise; allocate time to select an agent who aligns perfectly with your goals, whether snagging the best price for your home or finding a gem in a coveted neighborhood. 

Your next transaction deserves the expertise and dedication of a top real estate agent.