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$100,000 budget and calendar for my DMM campaign

By Sharad Mehta
5th Apr, 2018

I rebooted my Direct Mail Marketing (DMM) campaign this week by adding new territory to my existing list. I created a calendar for next 12 months breaking down each week into:

  • Date I will be sending my mails out
  • Numbers of mailings going out each week
  • What mailer type I will be sending each week
  • Which list I will be targeting each week

Below is a screenshot of my mailing calendar:


$100,000 budget and calendar for my DMM campaign
$100,000 budget and calendar for my DMM campaign


You can check out the complete calendar by visiting this link:

Link to Sharad’s DMM Calendar

I have 3 lists for total of 9,512 records that I have divided in 4 weekly mailings that I will be repeating for next 12 months. I will be adding some records and taking some out as the time goes but this is a good starting point for me.

This is my estimated cost breakdown:

Mailer Cost $68,011
Cost of List $1,902
VA and Admin Cost $25,000
Other Misc Cost $5,087
Total Marketing Cost $100,000
Total Cost $100,000
Total Mailers 123,656
Total Cost/Mailer $0.81
Total Marketing Cost $100,000
Average Profit/Deal $12,500
Deals to Breakeven 8
Total Mailers 123,656
Deals to Breakeven 8
Avg. Mailers/Deal to Breakeven 15,457

In total my total budget for my DMM campaign is approx. $100,000 over next 12 months including VA and Admin cost. My total cost per mailer is 81 cents including all the costs and if I expect an average approx. profit of $12,500 per deal, then I need 8 deals in next 12 months for my campaign to break even if I don’t put any value on my time.

In order for me to get 8 deals, I need to average 1 deal for every 15,457 mailers I send out to stay on pace with my break even cost.

I restarted my campaign this week with updated list and I will be sharing numbers on a weekly basis including how many calls I have received, if I added any new list, any potential deals, etc.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment sections and I will be more than happy to answer those.