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  • Oct 23 and Oct 24, 2023
  • San Diego, CA

What You’ll Learn

REsimpli’s Invest to Success 2023 will help you close more deals, connect with industry leaders, learn new skills, and scale your business.


  • Which is the best list to pull right now
  • How to reach the most motivated sellers in your list


  • Which marketing channel is working best
  • How to generate leads using various marketing channels


  • How to convert more leads into deals
  • How to automate your leads follow up
  • How to talk to motivated sellers


  • How to increase your average wholesale fee
  • Track your KPIs to increase your ROI for each marketing channel

Who Should Attend

Real estate investors looking to learn from and network with industry experts, and aim to scale their business.


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Sharad Mehta

Sharad is Founder & CEO of Resimpli. He runs a very active real estate investing business in Northwest Indiana and has done over 750 deals in last 10 years. He lives out of state and has built a very virtual investing business doing 50+ deals per year. His passion lies in leveraging technology to simplify real estate investing.

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Dean Rogers

A former NFL player with the San Diego Chargers, Dean has been in the real estate industry since 2013, based in California. Since then, he flipped and wholesaled 500+ houses and has a rental portfolio of 8 figures. He is passionate about real estate and helping others learn how to build wealth and freedom.

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Ryan Dossey

Ryan Dossey is the founder of Call Porter. He has mentored hundreds of investors in their real estate journey through his CCF (Create Cash Flow) Mastermind program. A successful real estate investor himself in multiple markets, Ryan's achievements have been highlighted in Forbes (2x), Entrepreneur (2x) & many Podcasts.

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Dakota Bailey

Renowned Sales Coach for Real Estate investors. A four-time Sales Person of the Year awardee, he became a millionaire at the age of 27. With a remarkable portfolio of over 500 successful real estate transactions, Dakota excels in empowering investors with his expertise.

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Lili Thompson

Lili Thompson is an emerging real estate investor, specializing in house hacking and small multi-family properties. Her journey and insights in the field are shared on her YouTube channel. With a focus on the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) investment strategy, Lili is steadily expanding her real estate portfolio.

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More speakers to be announced soon!


 October 23rd & 24th


Wyndham San Diego Bayside, 1355 N Harbor Dr  San Diego, CA


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the event be recorded?

The speakers will be recorded but you must attend the event to receive the recordings!

Is there a room block?

Yes, we’re working on it! Email for details.

Will there be opportunities to connect with the speakers?

Of course! We’re honoured to be joined by industry leaders and would love to introduce you.

Can I sponsor the event?

Let’s see if you’re a good fit! Email for more info.

Interested in Sponsoring Our Event?

We’d love to have a discussion about sponsorship opportunities. We commit to helping sponsors share key insights on how your product can help our attendees! Reach out to  to inquire.

Pre-register now for access to early bird pricing!