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REsimpli, a software company for real estate investor is excited to announce the integration with the Zapier platform. With Zapier, customers can connect their REsimpli account with third party applications that are Zapier compatible. This will automate the process of pushing in leads in your “Active Leads” page in REsimpli, through the 3rd party lead generation service that you are using.

A few examples of compatible services with REsimpli are Carrot Websites, and Mojo dialer. Many of our users employ these services for their lead generation, and getting leads automatically updated in your CRM has never been easier!

REsimpli is an all-on-one software companies that was built by real estate investors for real estate investors. Some common features of REsimpli includes List Stacking, Skip Tracing, Phone System, Driving for Dollars, E-sign, Drip campaign and many more. Please visit REsimpli and book a free demo and learn if it’s the best fit for your business.