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Week 1 Results by Sharad Mehta

By Sharad Mehta
12th Apr, 2018

So my first week mailer is complete and I calculated my results and this is what it looks like so far:

No Contact Made 11
Contact Made 3
Offer Made 2
Dead Lead 13
Total Calls 29
Total Mailers 1,689
Call Back Rate 1.72%

I am happy with the call back rate and the results so far. The above numbers are as of Tuesday, Apr 10. The mailers went out on Monday, April 2 and didn’t start hitting until Wednesday, April 4 so in about a week I have received 29 calls. I am sure I will be receiving few more calls over next few days/weeks so the call back rate will inch closer towards 2%.

I mailed out to Owner Occupant High Equity list today and will be doing more of OOHE for next 2 weeks so I am really curious to see what those results will look like.

Of the calls I received, we have made 2 offers and are somewhat close on 1 deal but the other offer is looking more like a dead lead.

Contact Made are leads that we have spoken with and we are doing our due diligence and will call them back to either schedule an appointment, make an offer or pass on it.

No Contact Made are the leads that were answered live by the calling service and we gathered their information. We tried to call them back to get further information but are waiting to hear back from them.

Based on some initial numbers that some of the callers gave us, I am hoping I can get at least one deal out of this mailer.

Overall, I was expecting a response rate of around 1.5% so I am satisfied with the results so far. This list was my Absentee Owners High Equity List so this is going to give me best call back rate.