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Stack you List

You will learn in this training the technique to pull the best lists, and smart ways to stack them. This will ensure your precious marketing $$ reaches only the right sellers.

Start Marketing

What to do when you’ve pulled your lists and stacked them? We will provide in-depth consultation on best ways to reach your stacked list of motivated sellers. Your phone will start ringing in no-time!

Automated Follow-up

The money resides in follow-ups. With us you will set automatic follow-ups for your motivated sellers, until they are ready to sell. You will outdo your competition by a mile!

Know your numbers

The secrets of some of the most successful investors in the country will be revealed to you. They do everything we discussed, with addition to tracking their numbers, so they know what’s working or not working, and use that information to keep increasing their profit.

Meet The Host

Sharad Mehta

Sharad is the Founder & CEO of REsimpli. He also runs a very active real estate investing business in Northwest Indiana and has done over 600 deals in last 10 years. He lives out of state and has built a very virtual investing business doing 50+ deals per year using systems and process.

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✓ What’s the best list to pull and how to stack my list?

✓ Which marketing strategy is going to get me the most leads?

✓ How can you convert more leads into contracts by automating your follow up

✓ How investors doing $1 million+ in revenue increase their net profits?