How REsimpli can help you?

Scope of Work

  • Create a detailed, accurate scope of work in minutes.
  • Add pictures to your scope of work for better project tracking.
  • Email or text the scope of work to contractors for e-signature.
  • Professional presentation for reports with ability to add own logo.
  • Create itemized or quick lump sum report.
  • Prepare your scope of work by Trade or by Room.

Direct Mail

The simplest way to order full service direct mail (printing, packing and mailing.)

  • Intuitive and simple user interface.
  • Extremely competitive pricing with payment flexibility.
  • Set your campaign frequency and mailing dates.
  • Choose from templates based on your target (absentee owners, probate, etc.)
  • Set a campaign for multiple mailings.
  • 2-3 days turnaround .

Rental Analyzer

The most comprehensive rental analysis tool available for real estate investors.

  • Calculate your cash flow over a 30 year period with depreciation included.
  • Analyze changes to ROI with changes to rent, expenses over time, and price appreciation.
  • See how your equity grows from principal pay down and appreciation.
  • Track market value and outstanding loan balance.
  • Information presented in very simple yet professional tables, charts and graphs.
  • Professional reports with all the details that a lender, buyer or partner would need.
  • Make the report your own by adding your logo and pictures

Absolutely free to use while we are in beta

Flip Analyzer

The most comprehensive flip analysis tool available for real estate investors.

  • Professional report with cover letter to make an amazing impression to your lenders.
  • Calculate Maximum Purchase Price.
  • Calculate ROI and IRR.
  • Enter comparable property data and make adjustments to arrive at a more accurate range for resale price.
  • Make the report your own by adding your logo and pictures.