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Tired Of Losing Deals To Other Wholesalers?


    Are You Stressed About Losing Deals To Your Competition?

    The Real Estate market is hot right now and everyone and their uncle is a wholesaler and it’s hard to compete in this market for leads. Real Estate Wholesalers spend a lot of money in marketing to generate leads but when they go on appointments, the homeowner turns the appointment into a bidding war to get the highest and best price for the house.
    Because of this competition, the cost per lead and cost per acquisition has gone up a LOT forcing the wholesalers to put less money in their pocket by the end of the year.

    It’s Time to Target the Leads That Your Competition Isn’t!

    There is acertain list criteria in the Listsource that can help you generate amazing leads that majority of your competitors aren’t even aware of. It’s the secret list that has given many wholesalers an edge over their competition.

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