What is Skip Tracing and How to Best Utilize Skip Traced Contact Numbers

By Sharad Mehta  
May 3, 2019


Today I’d like to share a valuable tool in a real estate investor’s toolkit known as Skip Tracing. I will provide you with all the necessary details needed to get you started with utilizing this powerful tool to further refine and mine your leads.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip Tracing is exactly what the words say it is. It is the act of “Tracing” a “Skip.” The term “Skip” refers to an individual who has left his original residence and needs to be “traced” because of reasons which will depend on the “tracer,” which would be us. The term “Skip” comes from the well-known phrase “skipped town.” Skip Tracing is widely used outside of real estate for a multitude of reasons.  Bail bondsmen, bounty hunters, repossession agents, private investigators, debt collectors, journalist etc. all use Skip Tracing to locate any person of interest.

What is the use of Skip Tracing in Real Estate?

In the world of Real Estate, Skip Tracing has become an important tool to get investors connected with the owners of properties they are targeting. Let me present you with a few scenarios, some of which you can definitely relate to:

  • You start your direct mail campaign and send out your first batch of mail. Some (or maybe many) of the mail pieces return as undeliverable.
  • You spend a day driving for dollars and look up your leads only to find that the owners are absent. Upon further digging you find that they have no forwarding address.
  • You pull up a list of properties from Listsource and decide to do a Cold Calling campaign, leaving RVM where possible. Where do you get the numbers?

These are some of the many possible scenarios in which Skip Tracing is the ultimate tool for us investors. We can easily pull up a lot of information which will assist us in marketing to these potential sellers, all from the comfort of our own home!

How is Skip Tracing Performed?

Skip Tracing is done by using various databases, some that are highly accessible while others are trickier, to piece together information on an individual. Nowadays locating people has become much easier because there are a variety of different sources of information: Credit reports, phone number databases, Job applications, Credit card applications, Loan applications, Criminal background checks, Public record databases etc.

Most of these are public record and accessible to all. So, anyone can skip trace another individual all by themselves. However, in the world of Real Estate investing, we are constantly searching for multiple listings to market to. It isn’t possible always for us to find so much information on multiple properties, within a short time span, just by ourselves. That is why there are multiple online resources that can do the work for us. Using the websites is pretty straightforward. You feed them your list of names and addresses. Then watch as they generate information for most of your records, which will help boost your marketing campaign tenfold! BatchSkipTracing is a great website and is widely known to be the best. Their prices are highly competitive and their accuracy is very impressive. I personally use BatchSkipTracing myself for all my Skip Tracing.

What is the best way for us to use skip traced contact numbers?

After you have successfully batch skip traced your entire list, it is time to start using your results to further your marketing campaign. There are many different ways to use the contact numbers we find after Skip Tracing:

Cold Calling – A simple thing to do would be to call these contacts and directly discuss about their property with them. Cold calling is known to be an effective way to get deals. But cold calling also comes with its fair share of issues. Recently, the number of robocalls people receive has seen a sharp increase. It can be very frustrating to answer an unknown number to be greeted by a robot on the other end. The increase in frequency of such calls can even make many people ignore calls from unknown phone numbers altogether. That is why it is important to bear in mind that sometimes your calls might be met with fury and you will just have to deal with it. Always have a good script in hand to improve your chances.

Text Messaging – Many people have been able to land deals by simply sending out text messages to their Skip traced contacts. Text messages are not as personal as a call, but they can still influence some people to respond. This is definitely something worth looking into. We will be offering our own Text Messaging service this month, so if you are interested and would like to test it out, reply back to this email and we can get you set up.

Ringless VoiceMail (RVM) – Due to the fast pace of modern life it is very easy for someone to miss your call or ignore your text. However, at some point in the day people will definitely check their voicemail (if they have one) and sending Ringless VoiceMail provides another opportunity for us to catch their attention.

Email Marketing – This marketing strategy still works and you need to be smart with the email template in order to find a deal. I use Mailchimp for my email marketing campaign. It’s cheap and simple to use.

Facebook Marketing – No doubt that it’s one of the best social media platforms to run ads. Simply upload your list in csv format with the email addresses, phone numbers, city, state, zip, first and last name and map them accordingly. Click here to know more about this ad.

I hope this article was an interesting and informational read. Skip Tracing is the Ultimate tool for Real Estate Investors who wish to purchase properties with very limited information on the owners.  Using these Skip Tracing sites can be very easy and effective.

Good Luck on your journey in the world of Real Estate!

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REsimpli is founded by Sharad Mehta, a very active real estate investor. Sharad has done over 400 deals in last 6 years since he became a full-time real estate investor and over the years he has developed systems to automate many parts of his real estate investing. Sharad is a very active investor i See more >>

REsimpli is founded by Sharad Mehta, a very active real estate investor. Sharad has done over 400 deals in last 6 years since he became a full-time real estate investor and over the years he has developed systems to automate many parts of his real estate investing. Sharad is a very active investor in Lake County, Indiana market and he manages his entire business from Carlsbad, California, where he lives. Using the systems that Sharad has developed, he is able to manage 3-4 rehabs a month from a distance.

At reSimpli, our mission is to ‘Simplify Real Estate Investing Through Technology.’ Our team is passionate about using technology to reduce the time and energy required to build and manage a successful real estate business. reSimpli is a cloud-based system that makes real estate investing more efficient by automating tasks and helping the investor manage their business more efficiently.

We are constantly building and improving features that aid in: creating accurate and detailed scope of work for rehab projects, creating contracts with digital signature support, deal analysis tools, etc. We are a team of very active real estate investors so everything we are developing is something we find useful in our day to day investing.

Our passion is to create the best software for your real estate investing business and aim to be the only software program that a real estate investor needs to run a successful, scalable business. See less >>

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