Austin Hendrickson’s 12.31.18 – Taking Advantage of a Great Opportunity Created by Real Estate

January 22, 2019

I recently was presented with a rare exciting opportunity that I said yes to. A few weeks ago I accepted an offer from the Minnesota Vikings, where I will be working as a Controller, running the financial side of the Vikings owners new real estate team here in MN. The Vikings owners (who are billionaires) made their money on the East Coast in real estate development, through mainly commercial and multifamily and are looking to ramp up operations in MN. There will be quite a few development projects going on – there are plans for a few developments in downtown Minneapolis, the old Vikings practice facility and a new 200 acre development around the Vikings new state of the art practice facility. The 200 acre development is projected to take around 10-15 years to complete and will include multifamily, commercial office, retail, entertainment, medical and more. The complex will be known as “Viking Lakes” and will be a big business destination and local attraction.

Since I will be the top financial person on the real estate side for the Vikings there will a ton to learn and a lot of difficult challenges that I will need to master. I will be putting most of my personal real estate investing on hold as I tackle this new role. I am super excited about the position and will learn a ton and make some great connections. I never thought I would be working for the owners of an established NFL franchise but life has a way of throwing you curveballs. This was an opportunity that I could not pass up and am excited about what the future will hold!

You may be reading this and be thinking that is a cool opportunity but how does this apply to me? My best advice to investors or entrepreneurs would be if you have an opportunity present itself that is very challenging but will most likely be very beneficial for you in the long-run, take it every single time. Another takeaway and advice that I received from several mentors is that the experience and connections are greater benefits than compensation which I definitely agree with. Perhaps as a newer investor you have the chance to work with an experienced investor for free or for very little pay as opposed to other less beneficial roles but with higher pay. I think that taking a role and surrounding yourself with successful people will a huge benefit that will pay dividends down the road.

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