REsimpli Zapier integration

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REsimpli Zapier Integration

1. Sign in to

2. Connect an app to REsimpli. 

3. To connect Gmail to REsimpli, type in Gmail (Connect this app) followed by REsimpli (with this one… ) – select REsimpli 2.0

4. Provide the details with New Email (from Gmail) on the When this happens section and with Create Lead (from REsimpli 2.0) on then do this! section. Click Try it.

5. The window for “Trigger” will open. Select Gmail account. Click Continue.

6. The window for “Action” will open. Select REsimpli Account.

a. In case there is no linked REsimpli account yet, click Create New Account. Zapier will ask to verify the REsimpli account. Type in API Key.

b. To get the API Key, go to and sign in. Click API Token on the right sidebar menu. Click Generate API Token. Click Copy to Clipboard to get the API key.

API Token

c. Go back to Zapier, key-in API TOKEN INFORMATION. Click Yes, Continue.


7. Click Continue.

8. Fill in the required information in the Set Up Action section.