Recognized, Unrecognized and Mapped transactions

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Recognized, Unrecognized, and Mapped Transaction

1. To check the status of the transactions, go to the left sidebar menu. Click FINANCIALS → Banking.

2. Click the Bank Account. The status of the transactions will be displayed, such as Unrecognized, Recognized, and Mapped transactions. Definitions of Unrecognized, Recognized, and Mapped Transactions are as follows:

  1. Unrecognized  – is a transaction wherein the bank was linked to the system and no transaction was performed yet.
  2. Mapped – is when a transaction was made or inputted into the system.
  3. Recognized – are transactions made and matches the Transaction Memo to the Vendor, Property, Account Tag. These are recurring transactions in the account.

3. To move the transaction to Recognized, go to Unrecognized Tab.

a. Select from the list of unrecognized transactions.

b. Fill out the information. Select from the drop-down list. Click Save.

The saved transaction will be moved to the Recognized tab.

c. To move the transaction from Recognized to the Mapped tab, select the transactions. Click the Confirm button in the upper right corner of the screen. Transaction Update Successfully notices will pop up on the screen.