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Users 1 5 Unlimited
Phone numbers 2 5 15
Calling Minutes & SMS/Month 250 Minutes & 250 SMS 500 Minutes & 500 SMS 1,500 Minutes & SMS
List Stacking 20,000 records 100,000 records Unlimited Records
Seller Website (Coming Soon)
Driving for Dollars
Drip Automation info
Bulk Email & SMS to Buyers
Recurring Tasks (Coming Soon)
Lead Status Call Routing
info Forward calls from lead to a particular team member or a phone number based on the status of the lead.

For example, have the lead calls be forwarded to an Acquisition Manager when lead is in Appt Set and once it goes to Under Contract, the lead calls can be forwarded to Transaction Coordinator.
Instant Lead Connect
info As soon as a new lead is created, your team will receive an automated call from REsimpli.

Once someone on your team answers the call, REsimpli will automatically dial the lead to instantly connect with you the seller.

All the calls will be made from your campaign phone number.
(Coming Soon)
In-App Answering
info You can answer your incoming calls from iOS app, Android app or any web browser.

Other Calling Features

Leads Advanced Dialer 1 User All Users
Live Call Transfer (Coming Soon)

Additional Features

Markets 1 1 Unlimited
Drip Campaigns 10 25 Unlimited
Load Assignment Round Robin Round Robin, FTC and Manual Round Robin, FTC and Manual
File Storage 50 GB File Storage 200 GB File Storage 500 GB File Storage
2-way Google Calendar Integration
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Additional Usage

Additional User $50/Mo $50/Mo Unlimited
Additional Market $25/Mo $25/Mo $25/Mo
Phone Number $2/Mo $2/Mo $2/Mo
SMS Credit 1 Cent 1 Cent 1 Cent
MMS Credit 2 Cents 2 Cents 2 Cents
Calling Minutes 2.5 Cents 2.5 Cents 2.5 Cents
RVM 5 Cents 5 Cents 5 Cents
Skip Tracing 15 Cents/Match 15 Cents/Match 15 Cents/Match
e-Sign $0.95/Doc $0.95/Doc $0.95/Doc
Additional 50 GB Storage $5/Mo $5/Mo $5/Mo
Leads Advanced Dialer $39/Mo/User $39/Mo/User Unlimited
Upto 500,000 List Stacking Rec. $99/Mo $99/Mo Included
Unlimited List Stacking Rec. $199/Mo $199/Mo Included

Driving Features

Up to 3 drivers $49/Mo $49/Mo $49/Mo
Up to 100 drivers $249/Mo $249/Mo $249/Mo
Postcard $0.50/Postcard $0.50/Postcard $0.50/Postcard
Vacancy Check Included Included Included
Skip Tracing $0.15/Record $0.15/Record $0.15/Record
List Stacking & CRM Integration Included Included Included
Google Street View $20/Mo $20/Mo $20/Mo
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Podio?

Absolutely not! REsimpli is 100% Podio-free. We wouldn't even touch Podio with a 10 foot pole.

How is REsimpli different from other software?

We provide the most advanced analysis for real estate investors that no other software is capable of doing.

How long does it take to set up REsimpli?

Less than 2 minutes. You sign up and it's all set up for you to start using it.

Can you help me move from my current system?

Absolutely! 100% FREE of charge

Is there any set up fee?

NO. Charging a set up fee is UNCOOL. If we had to charge you a set up fee to use our software then we didn't do a very good job of creating REsimpli.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

100%. We feel confident that you will love REsimpli. If not, let us know within first 14 days and we will refund your money.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you are not in any long-term contract.

Do I need a separate phone service?

You do NOT. But if you already have CallRail we will work with it seamlessly.

Is my data backed up?

Absolutely! We run backups several times per day.

Do you have a playlist I can watch?

Yes, just click here.

Do you guys give live demos?

We love giving live demos. Just contact us and we will set up a time.

What Real Estate Investors Say About REsimpli

RE investor Phil Long has 3x his business, closing more deals using REsimpli’s follow-up feature

Phil Long

" What I really appreciate about REsimpli, when I talk to somebody for the first time, they usually just get one follow-up phone call, and once we don't get that, or if they are a future lead and not a hot lead, they get put on a drip..And that Drip, there is no room for error! And the follow-up system that comes with the Drip Campaign is just best in the business! "

Working on building his portfolio Raelon uses REsimpli to track leads


" REsimpli team is great! They're constantly more and more features. And I notice the improvements every time I see a new update. You guys have come a long way in the last couple of months! "

Content creator Ryan Dosenberry keeps his real estate business organized with REsimpli

Ryan Dosenberry

" The Drip Campaigns have been awesome. I just get so busy that I don't have time to follow-up with all these leads, so throw them on these drip campaigns and they do the work for. And it works too! You can customize everything, the timing, the type of messages, sms, phone calls, RVMS and emails and I love it. We've done over $50,000 in wholesale assignment fees.The last deal I just closed last week, it was a $27,000 assignment fee. Just cause I put a guy on a drip campaign! "

Drip campaign is 1 feature that Chicago native Brett Singer appreciates about REsimpli

Brett Singer

" I've put in old leads from eons ago and it is by emailing, texting, having tasks reminders to call the leads, the whole system it was able to bring some old leads back to life. One other thing I really enjoy about it is the private facebook group, where anybody can throw up an idea and other people will give feedback and comments, and you are guys are like "yeah, that's a great idea", and make it happen! "

Billy tried a different CRM for 30 days and learned REsimpli was the best


" If you're thinking about making a jump or thinking you could create a better system on Podio, I promise you you can't. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to create something that I thought would be better, and it was nothing but an absolute headache, messy and glitchy compared to REsimpli. "

Jamison has been investing in real estate for 15 years and switched to REsimpli for its features


" For the amount of features and value you guys bring it was just like it almost was a no-brainer honestly. There several deals that only happened because I was in REsimpli. They wouldn't happen if I switched to my own little basic Podio plan. "

Months ago Alex was closing 1-2 deals per month, now with REsimpli he’s closing 4-6 deals per month


" The Support is why we will never leave REsimpli! I've never been a part of a company, and I feel like I'm part of the company, where I can hop on a call with you Sharad, and a week later you're like "Here's this thing we updated based off of your feedback." Like, you actually listen and implement after that! We went from 1-2 deals to 4-6 deals, that's all we could ask for! "

REsimpli helps Michael close more deals and is cost-effective


" When I looked at REsimpli for the first time for the price, considering that I didn't need the accounting software anymore because REsimpli has accounting function, and I didn't need CallRail because REsimpli has built-in phone lines and tracks it, to me it seemed like a HUGE bargain, and something that was definitely worth trying. I looked at it as something that made me money every month. "

Why Michael Switched To REsimpli's Real Estate (Wholesale) Investing CRM


" I had a deal that I thought was 100% dead. I seriously almost marked it dead and didn't attach a drip campaign, but I did. And I'll be darned if I didn't close that 8 months later! "

Jeremy Smith has taken the leap to REsimpli and he isn’t looking back!

Jeremy Smith

" The KPI tracking on here is amazing! It's almost like KPI tracking on steroids. It's really really intuitive and it really made me dive in on some things that we need to look at. That's the first thing I liked! The second thing I liked is that it's almost like a Trello Board, where you can move a lead from place to place. As the owner of the company I need to be able to see everything from a Macro standpoint. I want to be able to jump in and say, "What I can help the acquisition team with? You got 6 hot deals here, what can we do to move this from stage 2 to stage 3?" So that was super important for me! "