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How to Port Your Numbers into REsimpli

By Sharad Mehta
27th Feb, 2023

How to Port Your Numbers into REsimpli

1. Complete the attached Number Porting Letter. Click here to download Number Porting Letter. Please note that the letter mentions Plivo. Plivo is the service we use on the backend so please don’t change that. Some points to consider:

2. Complete the attached Number Porting File. Click here to download the Number Porting File. This information will help us set up your call forwarding before the numbers are ported over to REsimpli so there is no downtime and your calls are forwarded correctly. Some points to consider:

3. Send an email to with the following:

  • a. Completed Number Porting Letter
  • b. Completed Number Porting File
  • c. The most recent invoice from your current phone number provider (CallRail, GrassHopper, etc.)

4. Sit back and we will keep you updated on the progress