How to mark a lead as Favorite

How to mark a lead as Favorite

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How To Mark A Lead As Favorite

1. Go to the left sidebar menu. Click LeadsActive Leads.

2. Click on the Lead. Click the Favorite (✩) icon. Marked As Favorite Successfully notice will pop up on the upper right corner.

a. To mark a lead as a favorite from the Leads dashboard, hover the mouse to the leads and click the Favorite icon.

b. To mark a specific lead as Favorite, open the lead. Go to the Actions dropdown. Select Mark As Favorite.

3. To mark favorites on Inventory, go to the left sidebar menu, go to PROPERTIES → Inventory → click on the property. Click the Favorite icon.

4. To focus on items marked as Favorite, click the Favorite (✩) icon near Search Bar.

The system will display only items that were marked as Favorite on a single page.

5. To go directly to the Lead property, click the Property Address. To go back to the Lead Page, click Lead under the Type column, or Inventory to go to the Properties  Inventory Page.