How to change your calendar availability

How to change your calendar availability

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How To Change Your Calendar Availability

1. After signing in, click the Calendar icon aligned to Search Bar. The Calendar section will open.

2. Click the Actions dropdown to Set Availability. The Set Availability window will open.

3. Set up the calendar based on availability. Click Set Availability. “Availability Updated Successfully” notice will pop up.

4. Go to Leads Active Leads. Click on the Lead. Go to Tasks and Appt. Click Add Appointment. The calendar will open.

5. Add an appointment. 
  1. Fill out the Add Appointment section (Appointment Title, Description, Availability For, Time Zone, Start Time, and End Time). 
  2. Click the Save Appointment button. Appointment Added Successfully notice will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen.


  1. The schedule availability that will reflect on the Add Appointment form is the availability set in step no. 3 in the Calendar page.
  2. Once an appointment is set to the “Tasks and Appt” section the schedule will be blocked automatically, hence, adding an appointment with the same date and time will not be possible.