How to assign a campaign to a market and to specific team members

How to assign a campaign to a market and to specific team members?

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How To Assign A Campaign To A Market and Specific Team Members

1. To add a new campaign, go to the right sidebar menu and select Manage Numbers.

a. Click Buy Number.  Select number. Click the Continue button. A new window will open.

b. Fill out the information.

i. Select Sellers in the “You will use number for” section.

ii. Type in Probate List in the Marketing Title.

iii. Select Lead Source (Cold Calling) from the drop-down list.

iv. Select a Market (General Market or Bat Cave) from the drop-down list. The market would determine who will be assigned to the leads.

c. Click the Confirm button. Number Purchased Successfully notice will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen.

phone number confirmation

Note: Once confirmed, the list of Campaigns and Markets of the new purchased number will display.

market contact numbers

2. To assign a specific market to a new Lead:

a. Create a new lead.

b. Fill out the form.

i. Select Lead Source (Cold Calling)

ii. Select Campaign Name (Probate List). Market Name will automatically be selected since it was set when a number was purchased (see steps 1. a~c).

c. Click Add Lead button. Lead Added Successfully notice will pop up on the screen.

lead info screen

3. To view the member’s list of a Market, go to the right sidebar menu.

a. Select Markets. The list of Markets will be displayed.

b. Click Users to view the members’ list, for example, Bat Cave.

market research list - bat cave

4. To view the assigned members of a specific market (Bat Cave) or campaign (Probate List) to a specific Lead:

a. Open the Lead.

b. Go to the Team tab, the assignees to that campaign will be displayed.

view specfic market campaign list
market list assignee