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Direct Mail – IT WORKS!!

By Sharad Mehta
10th May, 2018

This post will be brief. As mentioned on a previous post an investor I follow had a podcast about direct mail and the poor results he was receiving. He had facts figures and all that good stuff. Normally I would say this guy has way more experience than I have and he has sent so much more mail than me. But I had previous success with directly mail. So I continued.

Well recently I put a fantastic house under contract and the previous month I was able to put a mobile home with a lot for 5 grand. All results of directly mail. So it may not work for Mr Big but its working for me.

The main thing is keep sending. I got off track for a while and yes my first mailing results were not good. But as I send again and again the calls increase.

Happy mailing.

Joe Davalos